Friday, October 8, 2021

#GoodStewards: Fleece Over Feathers


Image via Angelia Phillips

I hope you’re included in the many of us that love to support the independent business community. This edition is dedicated to just that, and to point you in the direction of one of my newly discovered, fav businesses, and the multiple indie-owned and operated businesses they collaborate with to produce their wonderful products!

Recently I received a gift that wowed me. Some friends bought the gift while vacationing, during a tour of the Mountain Meadow Wool spinning facility. It’s a family business, nestled below the Big Horn Mountains on the Western Plains of Wyoming. With the gift, came a brochure that shared their impressive and interesting history, so I went online to learn more, via their website. It was well worth the visit and so I’m gonna share some of the info with you, but also hoping to entice you to check out their site on your own, view their products and watch their informative videos!

Image via Angelia Phillips

My gift was a soft, wool case with a simple, yet beautiful design woven into it. It came with a card attached on how to wash it without damaging it and another card with information about Mountain Meadow Wool. It's truly one of the finest fabrics I've ever touched!

One of the aspects I love about this business is that their products can be traced back to the ranch where the raw wool was produced. Another thing I love about them is the ranches they work with are known for being good stewards, ”committed to sound animal husbandry and sustainable agricultural practices.” That weighs in heavily with me and I hope it does you as well! The ranches are featured on the business website and provide a wonderful history of how each came to be. Here’s an example of the first one.

Now, if you’re one of those folks who prefer down over fleece, just to give you a heads up, down isn’t gently harvested. In fact, the premium down in your comforters, jackets and sleeping bags are plucked from live animals, without being sedated, over and over again, for the life of the animal. They’re held down, while their feathers are pulled, and the procedure induces agony. Ain’t no jacket, comforter or any other product worth that. Nothing good comes from cruel practices. Nothing. The image below was featured in an article by CBS News: A Foul Truth Behind the Down in Pillows and Comforters.

To add further info and support of boycotting the purchase of down-filled products, here’s a good read from Veterinary Practice News: Down With Live-Plucked Down.

Make a dent in cruelty❣️

“ has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked are cruel.” Genesis 24:19
Knowing is power and now that you know how awesome quality wool harvested with care is, and the horrible attributes of live-plucking for quality down, please share the info and consider alternative products.

Mountain Meadow Wool products are a wonderful place to start! They’ll ship your purchase right to your door. Any time of the year is a good time to purchase wool products. Wool is versatile and has soooo many uses!

Google put wool qualities in a short, concise graph: Wool fiber is soft, durable, safe in nature, and has high wear and tear resistance. It has good characteristics such as elasticity, resilience, poor resistance to alkalis with good resistance to acids, and good insulation property.

There ya go!

Thanks for your support of ethically harvested materials and the independent business community! 

If you’ve got information to add, please let me know in a comment below the post.


This edition’s featured video is one by Mayo Utuk, a YouTube videographer. Mayo is recording her life as a single Christian woman, living in a tiny cottage in rural Nigeria. Her life is simple, and in many ways difficult, but her spirit is beautiful and she plants that beauty in everything around her. Her talent is dazzling and I’m so thankful to have found her videos. Like me, I’ll not be surprised if you find Mayo to be a kindred spirit. 

I hope you’ll enjoy the featured vid, and if you enjoy it, watch another, or many more on her channel. Her story and creativity has touched my own spirit and I pray her work will  have the same effect on you.

Thank you for your visit and shalom from Southern Indiana!


  1. I don’t have any down (natural) in the house, but it is horrifying to read this, and I hope many folks will read it. Shocking to realize such practices exist, and it makes you wonder what depraved minds could even consider doing such horrifying things. Guess as usual it comes down to greed and money. Thank you for writing this.

  2. Hi V!
    I learned about it not long ago myself and was so upset and disgusted that the information isn't more readily available. Down-items are soooo prized, but there are other humanely resourced options that are equally comfortable and help insulate warmth just as well.

    The sheep ranchers (the good ones) are careful with their herds. A happy herd is a more healthy herd and healthy sheep are far more apt to produce the best quality wool.

    Your post on "Kindness" can go a long, long way and this is a great example! :->

    Thanks so much for your insightful comment!