Friday, September 3, 2021

Why should you watch at least one?


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You know how you get to YouTube, and find a vid that catches your interest? Then you click to play it, but instead of the vid an advertisement fills your screen instead?

Yeah, then you can do one of two things, wait five seconds then select the “Skip Ad” option and get on with your video, or ... you can wait, let the ad run, at least the first one, and then get on with the vid.

Why is this a worthwhile sacrifice? Because in your few moments of sacrifice, you’re helping keep the heartbeat of the global independent business community strong and healthy!

Yup, the YouTube content makers rely on those ads to earn a living and you’re doing the same for the businesses displaying those ads. Clicking on any of them that interest you helps even more. 😎

This works the same way for blogs you might follow. Folks follow blogs for loads of reasons. They’re amazing go-to spots for all sorts of information from organic gardening to business management. The way the bloggers earn money is by your visit and viewing the ads posted on their sites, just like the one above this paragraph. If you can’t see it, it’s likely because you’ve got an ad-blocker that’s preventing it from showing.

Ad-blockers you might use in your internet browser literally crush their opportunity to earn a living from blogging and the same for when any of us won’t watch at least one of the ads we may find in a YouTube video.

The folks behind the blogs and the videos are often folks just like many of us, who work hard to earn a living as independent business owners.

We strive to put out information that will benefit folks. Hopefully, LOTS of folks! 

For those sites that have ads plastered allllll through their content, I’m not in support of those, and don’t recommend anyone visiting them. Whatever info they’re providing isn’t worth the time and frustration it takes to wade through their ad-swamp. When I come across such sites, I usually leave them a comment about why I disliked my interaction with their site and why I won’t be back if they don’t reign it in on the ad-plastering.

Thankfully, there are many of us who don’t overpopulate our sites with ads, so I’m hoping you’ll  continue visiting the sites that aren’t ad-saturated and please consider turning off your ad blockers when visiting blog sites, as well as watching at least one ad displayed in a YouTube vid, next time you’re browsing.

In the doing, you’ll play a major role in keeping the heartbeat of the independent business community strong and healthy.

“Cast your bread upon the waters, and after many days, it will come back buttered.” Louisa May Alcott

Thanks ahead of time.


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