Friday, October 1, 2021

#Anti-DepressionArsenal: Praying the Promises Journal

Image via Angelia Phillips

This is the first of a new series. If you have an idea for a better title, feel free to pass it along to me via email or via the Get In Touch option in the right side-bar of my website.

Depression is a topic that comes up often for many of us, both personally and professionally. Most of us have friends and family who are, at least occasionally, challenged with depression. Beyond those ranks are the folks in our professional and social circles--even those of like faith.

And so, I decided to begin a compilation of Judeo-Christian faith-based tools that have helped me keep depression at bay, and helped me cope with lingering depression (nearly three decades worth) that seemed to be attached to most aspects of my life.

Twenty years later, depression is just a foggy-shadow in my rear-view mirror. It’s not allowed in my life any longer. 

I’m consistently blessed in being introduced to new tools that qualify as depression inhibitors, realized By the Way... is the perfect platform to share them with you.

This is not to say these tools will work for everyone. Some folks won’t even consider them. They prefer other sources for help, and others want to fuss about depression but they aren’t really interested in getting rid of it. They wear it like a badge, and prefer the attention the condition gets them.  

But, if you’re proactive in fighting depression, for yourself or someone in your life, maybe you’ll find these tools beneficial. I pray they’ll be as much of a blessing for you as they are for me.

Praying the Promises of the Bible: A Prayer Journal to Strengthen Your Faith

This book was gifted to me during the 2021 Christmas season. It was produced in 2016 by  Barbour Publishing Inc. and houses 56 categories addressing challenges we’re probably all gonna deal with at one time or another, or for some, every day.

The cover and pages are sturdy and beautiful in design. There’s also ample room for lined journaling and notes. It’d make a beautiful addition to your library and an excellent gift for a friend who’s needing some spiritual support.

Images via Angelia Phillips

Although many of us read via digital media, reading from a book is still a favorite way to spend quality time. This book is one I’m enjoying the journey through, and I’m using the lined journaling areas to make notes as I go. The notes vary in topic. Some are about experiences related to the passages I’ve read recently. Others are current topics on my prayer list, and several are mentions of answered prayers.

After each reading, I’ve closed the book feeling encouraged, enlightened and refreshed in confidence regarding the position and purpose I was created to fulfill. The book is infused with the Word, served in a myriad of ways to strengthen the reader.

I love and am thankful for my copy. I’m sure you’ll feel the same, and so will whomever you choose to gift one to.


This week’s vid promotion is The Chosen Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2. The Chosen series easily, EASILY ranks as my #1 favorite video production ever. It’s completely crowd-funded, with literally millions of people around the globe making donations to see the project thru to the completion of the series.

I’ve watched each episode multiple times and have been blessed each time. It’s always fresh. Always evocative of contemplation and appreciation. Enjoy!



  1. That looks like an interesting book. Anything that brings comfort during depression is valuable. Thanks for your work on this.

  2. Hi V!

    It's a beautiful journal and has nothing but great stuff in it! Ann Rains gifted it to me for Christmas 2020, and it's one of those books I'll use for as long as I can read. It's excellent spiritual comfort food. :->

    Thanks for your visit and comment! Much appreciated!