Friday, August 6, 2021

Tiny House & Studio: Starting over

Image via Angelia Phillips

 A life-chapter has closed resulting in a parting of ways with my vintage, Fleetwood Prowler. On the bright side, it’s been moved to a new home where it’ll bring warmth and comfort to some country-fellas who aren’t afraid of slithering, uninvited guests. Hopefully, they can also find out where the recent slithering, uninvited guest breached the rig and shut down further access via that route.

I didn’t have the know-how or means of tearing the rig down to it’s bones to find the entry, and so passed it into the hands of those more capable of such endeavors.

Moving on, I’m now saving for another rig. This time, a van that I can outfit with what I need, and a few things I want, as I have time and finances.

I prayed for the Prowler to go to a good home and God came through. 

Now, it’s back to the consistent research on tiny-living and camper-dweller lifestyle. Both are fav areas of interest, so it won’t be boring. I also love it when kith and kin send me related info they come across via social media, blog posts, Pinterest pins, YouTube and Rumble videos.

If you’d like to see how far I got with the Prowler renovation, see the vid below, which shows how the rig looked before I started the updo. Below that will be the renovation update as of May 2021.

How she arrived...

The UpDo...

"May our house always be too small to hold all of our friends." Myrtle Reed

Fresh Endeavors! 

Part of what I do, as an entrepreneur and remote contractor, is develop various income streams. Due to a series of chronic-health challenges, I’ve not been able to work a full-time, or even a part-time, job away from home for nearly a decade. 

Multiple income streams mean I don’t have to be dependent on one source of income, in event something like illness or a tech-failure prevents me from working. Digital, passive income, generated by things like blogs and video channels, are a great way to generate income even when not working. That’s not to say folks can post a couple blogs and a couple videos and expect to earn a living from them, but it does mean that over time, they may continue to generate income from views and advertisement clicks. 

And so, to add to my stream, I’ve embarked on development of a new video series, available on YouTube and Rumble, titled Beginner Art. It’s simple, fun artwork, at a beginner level (which is right where I am with it) that I can provide some fun videos and even help promote some of the multi-media art products. Some are new to me and some I’ve used in other types of business.

Today was the launch, with the first vid of the series, ASMR: Chillaxer #1. That’s the YouTube link. If you’re a Rumble user, just click here.

I think you've probably got more than enough vids included in the main post already, so I'll skip this edition's #VidVentures inclusion.

My sincere thanks for your visit and if you're a part of or interested in the tiny house community, or camper-life community, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

'Til next time,


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