Friday, May 7, 2021

The Vintage Camper Reno Project: Episode 1

Image via Angelia Phillips

It’s been a good while since I’ve produced any videos, and since I'm wanting to get familiar with Rumble, I made one. 

In my last post, I wrote about the steps I prayed for, and when I walked out the front door shortly after, there they were, already in place at my rig's door. This post includes a video-update on where we were with the interior renovation on May 6. There's been more work completed since then, and I'll include it in the next update.

I don’t live in my rig, but I do use it daily, as a work studio. The renovation happens on light-work days, or between tasks when my schedule is more demanding. Aside from blogging (and recent vlogging) much of my work is as a remote digital contractor. Because I’ve a passion for the tiny-house and camper-dwelling lifestyle, I've been a long-time participant of the camper dwelling community across multiple online platforms. It’s a wonderful group that I most often engage with via Instagram, YouTube and more recently, Rumble. 

I gotta say, I’m enjoying Rumble. The content contributions are growing rapidly. The site is easy to use and my interaction with it has encouraged me to step-up and begin producing a variety of videos that I can include in posts here. I'm needing practice and praying for improvement, so your patience is appreciated.

The winter and spring of 2021 were heavily laced with some difficult health-challenges for me, but, the good Lord has me on the mend and I’m making progress in getting back on track with my schedule and doing the work I love.

This edition is dedicated to Blessing, my vintage 1970s Fleetwood Prowler, and its renovation process. It’s far from finished, but still looks very different from when I started.

In most aspects, Blessing was in great shape when I got it. It sat for several years, unused but other than a large leak over the tub/shower, it was mostly in very good condition. Per the previous owner, his parents bought it when he was young and his family enjoyed some wonderful camping trips in it. It was apparent, the rig had been well-loved and maintained until the death of his parents, and then it sat, just as his mama left it to him.

I know very little about most aspects of renovating a camper, but again, Yeshua provides, and He’s given me help with much of it. The interior wasn’t bad, but for me to spend much time in it as a tiny-house or studio work-space, I needed it brightened up a bit. Although the project is far from finished, it’s already providing a wonderfully, cozy workspace and gathering place for friends.

Here, I have to give a ShoutOut to my friend, Nathan, who has been a HUGE help in the renovation process. 

Image via Angelia Phillips

I’ve been working with him since he was about 10-years-old.

​We study things. We develop life-skills. We watch fun movies and interesting research videos. We play ukuleles. We make campfires and spend time with his tribe, here in our village. 

The past two years, much of our time together has been spent on Blessing’s UpDo. Now, we're happy to get to spend time in it for fun as well as work.

Below are two vids. The first is how Blessing looked before we started the reno, and the second is what's been accomplished since. Enjoy!

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