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Lavender-Water Mist: A Help in Clearing Acne and Cystic Acne


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The soothing effect of lavender misting is good for more than refreshing bedding, clothing, furniture and the air. It’s also a great help in the battle for clear skin and reducing the painful effects of chronic, and even cystic, acne.

Acne & Gluten

Ages ago, I often suffered from cystic acne outbreaks. Sometimes they came on randomly, but most often when I was stressed, or during hormonal flux. The cause of it turned out to be gluten causing the acne reactions when my body was most vulnerable. 

When I discovered the gluten link and began decreasing it in my diet, I had less acne and far fewer cystic acne outbreaks. However, gluten isn’t the only culprit to cause either type of acne, it’s just one I wanted to share here for example purposes.

In my mid-50s, I”m still challenged with the occasional acne outbreak. Since I prefer organic options for treating most ills, I’ve learned to help prevent acne, a frequent misting of lavender-water is an excellent therapy to help prevent acne breakout and quickly heal up active acne lesions.

If your reaction to acne was similar to mine, you understand that it’s painful physically as well as emotionally. Beyond that, there are the after-concerns for scarring, due to recurring undrained lesions, consistently healing over only to reoccur.

Why lavender-water misting works to heal and help prevent lesions

Diluted essential lavender oil brings almost immediate pain relief on contact. It begins attacking germs and decreasing inflammation within seconds. For open lesions, there’s (at least in my case) a short few seconds of heat but it’s gone quickly and the pain relief immediately follows.

It’s a gentle way to help keep bad bacteria at bay on the skin, which puts you on the offense helping eliminate acne before it starts. It’s also a circulatory stimulant, helping your skin get all the nutrients it needs from your body’s blood supply. It also helps dissipate and relieve stress and negative moods, helping your body to produce healing endorphins.

Soooo easy to make!

Lavender-water mist can be made using water and lavender oil, essential lavender oil, or by adding lavender leaves/sprigs into water and allow them to steep, cold or warm. 

If you suffer from acne or cystic acne, I hope you’ll consider lavender-water misting as a go-to for relief.


Sorry, but not everyone can use lavender.

If you suffer from rosacea, lavender can make it worse.

In a very small percentage of people, lavender can cause a reaction called contact dermatitis. 

Also, lavender has a drying effect. If you begin to notice dry skin after usage, you’ll likely need to apply a moisturizer between uses. 

Hope you’ve found this useful and that you’ll please pass it along to anyone else who may be struggling with acne challenges.

God’s medicine never fails to amaze me!

“4 He causes the grass to grow for the livestock, and plants for man to cultivate, that he may produce food out of the earth:
15 wine that makes the heart of man glad, oil to make his face to shine, and bread that strengthens man’s heart.” Psalm 104: 14-15 WMB

Thank you for visiting! I hope you’ve found the information helpful and that you’ll consider sharing it with anyone you may know that is in need of help with controlling acne.

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