Friday, July 26, 2019

Corrie ten Boom’s “Tramp for the Lord”

 “‘I learned from that experience,” I told them. “I knew that every word I said could mean death. Yet never before had I felt such peace and joy in my heart as while I was giving the Bible message in the presence of mine enemy.’” Corrie ten Boom

Many years ago, Corrie ten Boom shared this story with the congregation of a small church in a tiny African country. Members of its congregation were being systematically executed by their local police, on orders from their new government. 

The congregation’s crime was Christianity. Corrie’s crime had been hiding Jews from the Nazis and sharing the gospel. 

​The congregation was uplifted and comforted with Corrie’s message. And, like her, Christ gave them the strength to endure to the end and beyond. 
Corrie learned later that more than half of the remaining congregation she'd ministered to that night, “died a martyr’s death.” She understood the feelings the remaining congregation felt over the loss. Corrie’s father, sister and nephew had also been Christians martyred at the hands of the Nazis. ​Corrie survived.

Rev. Corrie ten Boom

Her release from Ravensbruck had, in the eyes of some, been a clerical error. Corrie was the only one, of thousands of women in her age group, who'd been set free. A few day days later, all other prisoners of that age group were executed.
I have deep love for Corrie ten Boom’s work for many reasons. It’s packed with spiritual nourishment of God’s grace delivering love and light to some of the darkest and most evil places mankind has ever helped to produce. I keep Corrie’s stories near to my heart as reminders of how blessed I am. How blessed many of us are.

Corrie talks in this book about how she felt led by Christ to travel the world, bringing His story, woven into her own story, to any and all who would receive it. I was amazed to learn of how many, especially in the United States, weren't interested and shooed her away like an unwanted stray dog. 

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They had no idea they were shunning a gift from God, disguised as a little old Dutch woman, a holocaust survivor, who arrived at their doorsteps to share heaps of spiritual jewels.
Discouraged for a short but significant time, she wanted to give up and return to Holland, but God compelled her to stay. He assured her He had work for her to do in America.

​Though she'd been turned away by many, He began opening the doors and hearts of many more, who gladly received her into their homes, their churches, their jails, hospitals, and homeless shelters. It was only the beginning.

I could write and write and write about the wonders you'll discover in this book as you travel the globe with Corrie. The places you'll go and the people you'll meet will leave you with vivid memories and gentle reminders to not sweat the small stuff and to not be worried, but prayerful, about the big stuff, because God loves us and He never runs shy on grace and mercy.

"However, for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first, Yeshua the Messiah might display all his patience, for an example of those who were going to believe in him for eternal life." Timothy 1:16 WMB

Thank you for your visit! I hope you'll invest in this book and be as uplifted by Rev. ten Boom's experiences as I have, and continue to be!


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