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Bloody Point: My first "white-knuckle, faith-laced thriller" by Linda J. White


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My sister's library has to be purged occasionally. The main-floor bookcase gets thinned, making room for newer reads, and the older books get moved into the attic, where there's a cozy, seasonal, reading area. It's not quite finished but it works and it's a fun place to spend time when the weather is grouchy.

Nee (my sister) is pretty accurate in knowing what books she has that I'll love reading. Each time she does a library revamp, she ends up with a small stack of books to add to my #MustRead list. I end up producing a review of about 99% of them.

Another plus with her recommendations is they’ve already been screened, by her or whatever reader recommended or gifted them to her. That means I'll enjoy the reads already knowing they’ll be free of foul language and adult content. 

During one of her library revamps, Bloody Point ended up in the stack she put together for me to read. She also took the time to discuss the book with me and share with me what she knew about author, Linda J. White
So, without giving away too many details, I’m gonna put enough in here to compel you to read Bloody Point and get acquainted with the author. Hopefully, like me, you’ll love her work enough to become a dedicated fan and encourage others to read her work as well. 

This story largely takes place in the Chesapeake Bay area.

While living in central Virginia for several years, the coastal areas of Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina were some of my favorite places to spend my free time. 

Many of the supernatural aspects of this story are likely to be familiar—meaning there’s a good chance they’ll remind you of a familiar idea or experience.

Of all the cool characters in the story, I gotta say, Aunt Truly and her Springer Spaniel, Jazz, are easily two of my all-time fav characters from any book. You might even recognize them, ‘cause maybe you’ve been blessed with at least one Aunt Truly, or Jazz in your own life. If that’s so, I hope you’ll come back and share the info in a comment later on.

One of the things I love about this book is that it was so effectively descriptive I felt like I was reading it right there on the beach! I moved from cover to cover enjoying salty breezes, tinged with the familiar and comforting sounds of gulls, sandpipers and rolling surf in the background. 

Past her reader-teleportation skills, White's mystery thriller was intensely engaging and  I couldn't wait to finish it, yet didn't want it to end.

​The plot will have your imagination spinning in high gear, running a gamut of theories, pondering who could be guilty of what and who’ll be disappearing next. The suspense continues building as the story goes from one, two then three homicide cases to solve. As creepy coincidences escalate, locals and agents struggle to stitch the clues together before another of their own is extinguished. 

Although my description sounds grim, don’t fret. White has golden threads of The Word and examples of walking by faith and trusting in Jesus, especially when there’s no other help big enough and strong enough to get through the perils.

These outstanding elements caused my soul to flutter. I read along, anxiously anticipating wonderful things happening in the supernatural realm and was and even more excited when they begin to manifest, becoming effective in the natural. It has a just-right number and blend of characters, realistically crafted. They’re memorable and fit into their roles perfectly.

About the author...

Click here to visit her awesome website!

Getting acquainted with White’s work is so worthwhile. She produces the high caliber content of a polished professional who obviously incorporates heavy doses of God, faith, love and prayer into her projects. There is much more to her stories than the stories themselves! 

Her writing style makes her work easy to get through. If you’re one of those who dislikes reading, long, wordy graphs, her stuff will be a breeze.

In her website’s bio area, she explains that her husband, a long-time film producer at Quantico FBI academy, wanted to help her produce quality fiction with authentic investigative content. He introduced her to many of his colleagues, who shared their expertise with her and it shows.

That is much of what you’ll discover in her neatly-stitched stories. 

I'm hoping I've enticed you to read the book and see for yourself how easy it is to become a fast-fan of this amazing writer and her awesome-sauce novel, Bloody Point. Prepare for a faith-boosting thriller!

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says the LORD, “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 WMB


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